Free Money For Musicians!

Today I’m going to let you in on content locking. I will go into depth a bit further but let me give you the basis.

I’ve been marketing online for 8 years now and cpa marketing is my favorite form of internet marketing.

I love it cause you don’t have to sell anything but instead get paid when a lead or customer completes an action.

Personally i stick with email and zip submits because they are easier and convert at $1.40 to $8.00 depending on the offer.

I give my users an incentive like a free e-book, movie, album etc.

This method is called content locking and works really well when you have a product that someone wants. 

I’m about to go into depth about this but first looks look at some examples for profit potential.

I’m going to use music as an example. 

If you have one song and you content lock it and the offer pays $1.40. I’ll use 20, 50 to 100 people that convert as an example and show other examples where the offers pay more.

PC= people converting. Hopefully you understand the example but if not contact me I’m glad to help.




And that’s per song! Imagine if you did this to all your songs on your mixtape, album or video? You can content lock everything you want and make bank! Most mixtapes and albums average 10-19 songs. I’ll go with 19 songs converting and it will be similar to the example above.

PC= people converting and 19S=19 songs




Imagine that type of money off 1 album with only with just a content lock and people putting in an email address to unlock your offer! AMAZING RIGHT?

Let’s do an higher paying example but the same example as above. You should get it by now, it’s honestly simple. I’m going into depth and teaching how to set this up after this example. Let’s go with $4 because it will be easier to find an offer that converts.

 Higher paying offers are hardest to convert and normally you have to get someone to take part in a free trial which may be $14.95 but pays you 80-200 commissions depending on your offer. But let’s get to the $4 example.




And that’s per song. Now let’s do the example per song on the entire album.




See how keeping it 100 will benefit you and your business? 

That’s the power on content locking your music and making money by basically giving your music away for free in order for someone to take an action.

 This is what’s called an incentive offer but that will be covered in my getting started section on this site whenever i decide to create it.

Ok so you got the. Idea behind this now let me go into depth and show how it’s done. I recommend using cpalead for this as you will get instantly approved.

Some artist will already have some of this set up so you will only need to content lock. So here it is! 

Please read carefully as it look alot of time and patience to put this together for my readers and specifically the musicians who I’m connected with and even those that I’m not, i just want y’all to quit popping up on me at the gas stations. 

There really is an easier way and you will make more money without having to leave your home or sell anything.

Check it out! Go here->making money without selling anything

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